Food and Beverage Game Plan

By the industry and for the industry, the Food & Beverage Game Plan is in place to guide the long-term direction of this cluster.

The Kāpiti Food and Beverage Cluster concepts are a collaborative response to artisanal and entrepreneurial appetite to develop innovative products, create and share resources, build unique destination-based hospitality experiences and celebrate brands that have their heart in the region’s increasingly innovative and potentially experiential food bowl

Kāpiti's Coastal Food & Culinary Wonderland

Our food and beverage Game Plan will guide the long-term direction of the sector, identify challenges and opportunities in key focus areas, and help prioritise initiatives over the next five years.

Kapiti's Food and Beverage Game Plan 2023 PDF 5.3MB

A Guide to Kāpiti's Coastal Foodie Wonderland

Get to know our local producers with a snapshot of the deliciousness created on the Kāpiti Coast.

Kāpiti's Producers Guide June 2023 PDF 2.6MB

How we got here

The Economic Development Kotahitanga Board and Kāpiti Coast District Council have identified food and beverage as a sector that provides significant opportunities for economic growth and future resilience. This report is informed by and develops on from the workshop –engaging a broader range and larger number of artisans, producers, marketers and distributors.

Kāpiti Coast Food and Beverage Cluster Report PDF 2.4MB