Take a breath, rest and recharge. Our Wellness events are perfect to reset and get back in touch with the best version of you.

Matariki Wānanga - Tai Timu Tai Pari

7 – 9 Jul 2023
Memorial Hall

98 The Parade, Paekakariki, Paekākāriki

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That moment when you inhale, and there you are full of breath, expanded lungs and then for whatever reason you begin to exhale. 

Sometimes we are fully aware, sometimes our body just does its thing, and we are breathing. 

Just as the ocean moves, we move. 

This wānanga is for the place of the changing tide within us, before it goes in or out, Tai mate - the slack tide. 


Winter Wellness Wonderful-soothing Day Retreat to Snuggle Up

6 Aug 2023
Lotus Yoga Centre

91 Ruapehu Street,

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Unlike the heat, activity and extroversion of summer, winter is the season to recover, rejuvenate and go within. Our energy naturally slows down giving us space for restoration and introspection, just as many plants and animals use the season for hibernation.

Seasonal living for us humans helps maintain vibrancy and health around the year, in particular through the cold and dark months that might have a tendency to bring up further tension, stress or even a Winter blues. Yoga, rest and intentional seed planting are wonderful tools to create internal warmth and wellbeing, making winter the perfect time to appreciate the slower pace, safely knowing that spring is around the corner. Tuning into the seasons and aligning ourselves intentionally is one of the most intuitive and natural practices we can adopt. So let this Winter retreat be your time to nourish your body and mind, grant yourself space to consider stepping off worn paths, and discover new impulses that nourish, soothe and uplift.


Yin Yoga Retreat

4 – 6 Aug 2023

212 Old Hautere Rd,

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You are invited to join Amanda for a restorative Weekend Yin Retreat. An Educational & Experiential immersion for you to build the tools for deeper self inquiry & regulation throughout your day to day life. 

This immersive retreat is designed for anyone and everyone, no previous experience, knowledge, or practice is necessary - we will all be learning, exploring, and experiencing together but in very different and personal ways.


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